A trio of treats for a German Christmas at home

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is only a week away. My house is just about ready, though I’m not. I have a few baking projects in mind for the holidays, but there are certain traditional German Christmas treats I reckon it’s better to buy ready made. Before I visited Dresden for the first time, I didn’t think I liked Stollen. Was it bread or cake? I considered it plain and boring, a lumpy … [Read more...]

Glühwein: the official German Christmas market drink

I realize as I sit down to write this post that I have not had one cup of Glühwein yet this season, whereas last year in Germany, let’s just say I definitely had. Glühwein is, of course, hot mulled wine. Red wine is the most common, but you can certainly use white. One thing’s for sure: there is not one definitive recipe. Another is that it’s über-easy to make at home and (shhhhh) might even be … [Read more...]