We Kitsch You a Merry Christmas

Dateline: Munich Airport, 8:25 am--Yesterday, before leaving for Germany, I wrote that I wondered how Munich Airport would differ from Frankfurt International in terms of logistics. In a word: considerably. It's lower key and less overwhelming. My plane arrived an hour early, but since I had allowed a generous amount of time to connect to my flight to Berlin, I hadn’t been too worried if it … [Read more...]

Christmas market connections: Germany by train and plane

During my many years of European travel, whenever I wanted to get from city A to city B, I automatically got on a train, and in many ways I still prefer to do so. However, with the recent advent of so many low-cost European airlines, when I can save several hours of traveling, and if the price is right—which it frequently is—then I’ll choose to fly. Germany is not all that large—I’ve read it’s … [Read more...]

Flying to Germany at Christmas: A few basics

Here are some thoughts about flying to Germany at Christmas from the U.S. I’m writing this in mid-October, which is a good time to start shopping for tickets. Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf currently have the most non-stop flights from the States. There are also a few to Berlin but no doubt more will be added once Berlin Brandenburg International airport finally opens (it's a tadge behind … [Read more...]