A Musical Christmas in Germany

Can anyone imagine what Christmas would be without music? Does anyone want to? The first time I went to Germany at Christmas my head was full of dreams about cities and markets and wonderful things to buy—dreams that came true immediately on my first evening in Munich at the big Christkindlmarkt in the Marienplatz. I […]

St. Nicholas and his Day in Germany at Christmas

Many of you are probably already familiar with St. Nicholas Day, known in Germany as Nikolaustag, when, on the evening of December 5, little children place their [well-polished] shoes or boots outside the door, on the windowsill or under the bed. They write letters to the saint and set out carrots for his white horse, […]

Berlin: Weekends and Weihnachten

I’ve been noticing a paradox about weekends during Advent here in Germany. On the one hand, the streets, shops and markets become so crowded and difficult to navigate I’m tempted to say it’s better to postpone any serious shopping visits until during the week. However, since most special Christmas events and concerts seem to be scheduled […]

Berlin: Looking for Christmas Market Magic

Four days in Berlin have come and gone. I’ve now arrived in Dresden but since I have no access to wi fi all my posts will be late. Because a large part of the reason I went to Berlin

Berlin: Christmas at another Palace

Christmas is almost here so this will probably be my last post of the year. I’ve been back from Germany for a while and am already feeling nostalgic. Before embarking on this recent trip to Berlin, I rashly stated that I’d be trying to visit as many of the city’s 60 Christmas markets as possible […]