Dresden: Christmas markets through the centuries

Although I paid both a daytime and an evening visit the Striezelmarkt, I was also anxious to get to several other Dresden Christmas markets that were right in the same vicinity. Top of the list was Mittelalter Weihnacht, the Medieval Christmas Market in the Stallhof of the Dresden Royal Palace. The Striezelmarkt may officially be 578 years old but it’s evolved over time into a modern affair … [Read more...]

Dresden: Back to the Striezelmarkt

I wrote about my first visit to Dresden at Christmas in my second blog post, but whereas on that occasion I stayed only 24 hours, this time I had two whole days to explore. That may not sound like a lot, but since Dresden’s top cultural monuments are conveniently clustered in the historic city center—as are the most notable Christmas markets—a few minutes’ walk is all it takes to travel to and … [Read more...]

Dresden: Germany’s oldest Christmas market

From Munich we flew to Dresden, a short flight of about an hour. I had already visited this most amazing of cities two years previously. Reduced to ashes during the second world war, today so many of its historic buildings have been restored it is again one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Dresden’s largest Christmas market, the Striezelmarkt, has been running since 1434 and we … [Read more...]