Hamburg–Beautiful markets in a beautiful city

Hamburg was a revelation to me. For most of my life I knew only that it was a port city with a rather seedy district called the Reeperbahn and also that the Beatles got their start there (almost 50 years ago!). Now that I've been there, I can say definitively that it is an absolutely beautiful place. It's also Germany's second largest city. The heart of the city around the Alster Lake is a mecca … [Read more...]

Christmas in Hamburg–at long last!

Hamburg at last! I say that because my journey here was not quite what I predicted. My flight from New York to Frankfurt went well enough. I was happy to see a few Christmas trees in the airport and quite charmed when one of the people who worked there came round passing out samples of chocolate-covered Lebkuchen to passengers waiting for their luggage. … [Read more...]

Hamburg’s Christmas markets on the horizon

Ever since launching this blog there’s been a question about whether I’d make it over to Germany for the 2010 Advent season and I’m happy to report the decision to go has been made, airline tickets have been booked, and I’m in the middle of planning an itinerary. I’m leaving the Sunday after Thanksgiving, which isn’t quite the last minute for planning, but near enough. Anyway, here’s what … [Read more...]