Fearsome Krampus Invade the Marienplatz: Auf wiedersehen to Munich

I definitely had an ulterior motive for wanting my daughter to join me in Munich last year. In addition to all the sparkling, feel-good joys of the Christmas season, I knew that the last day of our visit was also the date of the Krampus Run. In an earlier post I wrote about my shocking first encounter with the Krampus in the Marienplatz—shocking because A. I was completely taken by surprise and … [Read more...]

A Day at the Munich Christmas Markets: The artsy and the alternative

Let’s start with the alternative. Pink Christmas—yes, English—is a Christmas market geared towards the Munich gay community. I’m always intrigued by Christmas markets that sound unique or out of the ordinary so this one was definitely on my list. I didn’t mention it earlier, but my daughter had taken the train down from Berlin so we could have a few days together in Munich and, since we share … [Read more...]

Christmas in Munich: More than the Marienplatz

How much do I like Munich at Christmas? Let’s see; I’ve been to Germany at Christmas five times now and four of those times I chose to go to Munich. Last year’s trip was a reverse itinerary of my first one—at least partially. And just as in Dresden I was anxious to visit more Christmas markets than just the Striezelmarkt, similarly, in Munich I wanted to expand my horizons beyond the … [Read more...]

We Kitsch You a Merry Christmas

Dateline: Munich Airport, 8:25 am--Yesterday, before leaving for Germany, I wrote that I wondered how Munich Airport would differ from Frankfurt International in terms of logistics. In a word: considerably. It's lower key and less overwhelming. My plane arrived an hour early, but since I had allowed a generous amount of time to connect to my flight to Berlin, I hadn’t been too worried if it … [Read more...]

After the Christmas market cruise: rediscovering Munich

Nuremberg was the final stop on Viking Pride’s Danube itinerary. We disembarked in the morning and then caught a train to Munich—a journey of under two hours—where we planned to prolong our Christmas escapade for a couple more days before flying home. My friend had never been to Munich, so I got to choose our hotel. I didn’t hesitate for a minute and picked the Bayerischer Hof again. It’s … [Read more...]

Munich: My first and favorite Christmas market

One afternoon several years ago, while seated as per usual in front of my computer, I got a phone call out of the blue from an editor at one of the magazines to which I contributed. She wanted to know if I’d like to go on a trip with other journalists to visit a few sites in Germany during the Christmas season. I think I cut her off in mid-sentence, saying, yes, definitely, count me in. … [Read more...]