A Musical Christmas in Germany

Can anyone imagine what Christmas would be without music? Does anyone want to? The first time I went to Germany at Christmas my head was full of dreams about cities and markets and wonderful things to buy—dreams that came true immediately on my first evening in Munich at the big Christkindlmarkt in the Marienplatz. I […]

St. Nicholas and his Day in Germany at Christmas

Many of you are probably already familiar with St. Nicholas Day, known in Germany as Nikolaustag, when, on the evening of December 5, little children place their [well-polished] shoes or boots outside the door, on the windowsill or under the bed. They write letters to the saint and set out carrots for his white horse, […]

Fearsome Krampus Invade the Marienplatz: Auf wiedersehen to Munich

I definitely had an ulterior motive for wanting my daughter to join me in Munich last year. In addition to all the sparkling, feel-good joys of the Christmas season, I knew that the last day of our visit was also the date of the Krampus Run.

A Day at the Munich Christmas Markets: The artsy and the alternative

Let’s start with the alternative. Pink Christmas—yes, English—is a Christmas market geared towards the Munich gay community. I’m always intrigued by Christmas markets that sound unique or out of the ordinary so this one was definitely on my list.

Christmas in Munich: More than the Marienplatz

How much do I like Munich at Christmas? Let’s see; I’ve been to Germany at Christmas five times now and four of those times I chose to go to Munich. Last year’s trip was a reverse itinerary of my first one—at least partially.