Nuremberg: the Christmas market and the old town

We finally arrived in Nuremberg’s old town in the early afternoon and headed straight for the Christkindlesmarkt in the Hauptmarkt, the main market square, which was filled from one side to the other with rows of wooden stalls with identical red-and-white-striped canvas roofs. Because of the aforementioned throngs, we spent less time in the market than anticipated. After all, we had a week’s … [Read more...]

Nuremberg: More than Germany’s most famous Christmas market

I could not wait to get to Nuremberg, the final stop on our Danube cruise. I’d heard and read from a variety of sources that the Nuremberg Christmas Market was the one not to be missed—everyone seemed to agree it was Germany’s most famous. I knew that the oldest part of Nuremberg was still encircled by its medieval town walls, and imagined a kind of real-life version of Wagner’s Die … [Read more...]