Christmas Shopping in Seiffen

As I begin this post about Christmas shopping in Seiffen, I realize it has the possibility of being either extremely short or extremely long*. The short version might go something like this. Though Seiffen is by no means a large town, it is home to more than 100 Christmas shops and woodcarving workshops. Most are located […]

More of the Best German Christmas Market “Christmas” Souvenirs

Here it is December already and somehow I didn’t get quite as far as anticipated in my catalogue of “Best German Christmas Market Souvenirs” so I’m going to pick up the pace by cheating (kind of) and referring everyone back to a whole lot of earlier posts. Even though you can buy all kinds of […]

The Best German Christmas Market Souvenirs: Candle Arches (Schwibbögen)

Thanksgiving has now come and gone. Mine was especially good this year because I got to spend it in New York with lots of old friends. I couldn’t resist doing a quick reconnoiter of the Holiday Market at Union Square, New York’s version of a European Christmas market. Much to my surprise, I came across […]

The Best German Christmas Market Souvenirs: Nutcrackers & Smoking Men

The next addition to the list of best German Christmas market souvenirs: nutcrackers and smoking men (or Nussknäcker and Räuchermänner) from the talented woodcarvers of the Erzgebirge. Who among us is not familiar with German nutcrackers? If you’re like me, you first learned about them in your childhood, most likely by hearing Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite […]

Tax-free Shopping at the German Christmas Markets

Let me preface this post with a disclaimer: I am not an expert on the subject of tax-free shopping at the German Christmas Markets, but I’ve done a bit of research on your behalf so that, if you do intend to make any kind of substantial purchase, you’ll have the relevant facts at your fingertips. […]