Traveling to Seiffen at Christmas

I’ve grown so accustomed to traveling with ease between German cities that I was a little surprised that getting to Seiffen was kind of a hassle. As usual, the best option for me was the train, so any difficulty was mitigated to a large extent by the ease of booking tickets online and having access to Deutsche Bahn’s explicit timetables (leave from Platform #xx, arrive at Platform #yy, XX minutes … [Read more...]

Traveling by Train on Your German Christmas Market Vacation

Since I didn’t manage to make it to Germany at Christmas last year (nor shall I be going in 2013) rather than concentrating on my personal travel stories this season, I thought it would be fun and helpful to share a range of  travel and shopping tips, along with a few recipes, and anything else springing to mind that exemplifies the delights of a German Christmas. So let’s start with a travel … [Read more...]

Christmas market connections: Germany by train and plane

During my many years of European travel, whenever I wanted to get from city A to city B, I automatically got on a train, and in many ways I still prefer to do so. However, with the recent advent of so many low-cost European airlines, when I can save several hours of traveling, and if the price is right—which it frequently is—then I’ll choose to fly. Germany is not all that large—I’ve read it’s … [Read more...]