Christmas Shopping in Seiffen

As I begin this post about Christmas shopping in Seiffen, I realize it has the possibility of being either extremely short or extremely long*.

The short version might go something like this.

Though Seiffen is by no means a large town, it is home to more than 100 Christmas shops and woodcarving workshops. Most are located on, or not far from, the Hauptstrasse (Main Street). They include names, known internationally, such as Christian Ulbricht, Richard Glaesser, Wendt & Kuhn, Dregeno (for starters) as well as quite a few strictly local operations.

Christmas workshop in Seiffen with nutcrackersYou won’t have to walk into more than a couple of shops for temptation to set in. And it doesn’t get easier when confronted with more Christmas bounty than you’ve probably seen in your life. Happy hunting, buying and reveling for years to come in your newfound Christmas treasures.

In a way, that really is all you need to know, but I’ll expand a little.

I’m going to assume that most people shopping in Seiffen are there to buy rather than to make notes and then try to order online when they get home. Even so, you might want to do some advance research on prices of popular items such as nutcrackers or pyramids before you go because, echt-Erzgebirge (that means authentic) wooden Christmas decorations are quite pricey. After all, they’re carved, painted and assembled by hand and many are true works of art.

For anything too large or fragile to fit comfortably in your luggage, consider having the merchant ship for you. If you’re there near Christmas, that’s more difficult psychologically  since no doubt you’d prefer not to wait a whole year to display your find(s). The merchants will do a fine job of packing; it’s the airlines you need to be wary of.

And take a look at my last year’s post on Tax-Free Shopping at the German Christmas Markets. The same rules hold true when purchasing in a shop.

Back to the question of prices, when I was in Seiffen in July, I did come across a few shelves of specials or markdowns, so this might be a way to get a bargain.

Once again, happy hunting, buying and reveling for years to come in your newfound Christmas treasures.

*Extremely long would be a post that lists and describes all the shops in Seiffen. Sorry not to oblige, but you can check this link from for a partial list.



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