When I started this blog in 2010, I was surprised to discover that there was no existing guide to the German Christmas markets. This seemed odd considering how popular the markets are, plus the fact that Germany during the month of Advent has got to be the most Christmassy destination on the planet.

This led me to write my first book: The Ultimate Guide to the German Christmas Markets:Where to Go and What to Buy (originally entitled 150 German Christmas Markets: Where to Go and What to Buy), which is primarily a destination, shopping, and eating and drinking guide to the best Christmas markets in Germany.

Each entry includes a short description of the city, its Christmas highlights, and links to the destination’s home page plus any Christmas Market-specific web pages.

The Magic of Germany at Christmas The next year, I wrote The Magic of Germany at Christmas: 10 Unforgettable Christmas Market Vacations, which is a planning guide with specific itineraries to help visitors optimize their travels in Germany at Christmas.

I based my suggestions on geography, how long it takes to travel between cities, when to take a train and when a plane, and also which are the cities and markets not to miss. (Berlin, Dresden, Munich, and Nuremberg are top of my list.)

Seven of the itineraries are land-based; three are river cruises. I’ve experienced a lot of them myself and would love nothing more than to do them all one day.