More of the Best German Christmas Market “Christmas” Souvenirs

Here it is December already and somehow I didn’t get quite as far as anticipated in my catalogue of “Best German Christmas Market Souvenirs” so I’m going to pick up the pace by cheating (kind of) and referring everyone back to a whole lot of earlier posts. Even though you can buy all kinds of presents at the Christmas markets, you’ve probably noticed that my focus has been on those items that are specifically for Christmas.

You can certainly scan the Shopping the German Christmas Markets category in my Travel Blog or go straight to individual posts on Pewter Decorations, Glass Ornaments, Music Boxes, Miniatures, Nativity Scenes, Porcelain and Ceramics, Stars, and Plauen Lace.

Are these the only Christmas souvenirs? By no means. There are wonderful candles, paper ornaments, and toys galore from wooden to stuffed.

I’m going to be writing about some favorite German Christmas foods soon–both things you can buy ready made and things you can make yourself (recipes too).

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