Seiffen Hotels at Christmas

Let me start with the bad news. If you were thinking of traveling to Seiffen or any of the other towns in Germany’s Erzgebirge with popular Christmas markets this December, there’s a high likelihood there will be no room at the inn.

I base this both on a conversation I had with the hotel management of the Hotel Erbgericht Buntes Haus where I stayed in July and a quick perusal of TripAdvisor just now. Buntes Haus told me it was fully booked for the 2014 Advent season, but 2015 was still available.

The colorful Hotel Erbgericht Buntes Haus in the heart of Germany's Erzgebirge.Having stayed at Buntes Haus, this would definitely be my Seiffen hotel of choice for any future visits. It sits right in the middle of the town within easy walking distance of the myriad Christmas shops and the Bergkirche, the famous church depicted in so many of the region’s traditional wooden Christmas decorations.

Buntes Haus means “colorful house” and, as you can see from the image, it’s a pretty good name. The fact that it has pleasant outdoor cafe seating won’t do you much good in the winter, but the main dining room is all cozy and wood paneled–quite rustic and very German. Like the rest of  Seiffen, the hotel is chock full of  wooden Christmas decorations.

But don’t expect to see the sunny and peaceful scene above if you do make it to the Seiffen Christmas markets.  Come Advent, you’re going to find quite a different looking hotel.

Hotel Buntes Haus Seiffen at Christmas

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