More of the Best German Christmas Market “Christmas” Souvenirs

Here it is December already and somehow I didn’t get quite as far as anticipated in my catalogue of “Best German Christmas Market Souvenirs” so I’m going to pick up the pace by cheating (kind of) and referring everyone back to a whole lot of earlier posts. Even though you can buy all kinds of presents at the Christmas markets, you've probably noticed that my focus has been on those items that are … [Read more...]

Leipzig at Christmas: Markets, markets everywhere

It’s true. Once you enter the precincts of Leipzig’s historic Altstadt, or old city, it hardly matters which way you turn—the Christmas markets just flow from one right into the next and keep on going. The main Christmas market at the Marktplatz (market place) is held in front of the Old Town Hall and is always anchored by an enormous Christmas tree at least 65-feet tall. This is one of … [Read more...]

Dresden: Christmas markets through the centuries

Although I paid both a daytime and an evening visit the Striezelmarkt, I was also anxious to get to several other Dresden Christmas markets that were right in the same vicinity. Top of the list was Mittelalter Weihnacht, the Medieval Christmas Market in the Stallhof of the Dresden Royal Palace. The Striezelmarkt may officially be 578 years old but it’s evolved over time into a modern affair … [Read more...]

Berlin: Weekends and Weihnachten

I’ve been noticing a paradox about weekends during Advent here in Germany. On the one hand, the streets, shops and markets become so crowded and difficult to navigate I’m tempted to say it’s better to postpone any serious shopping visits until during the week. However, since most special Christmas events and concerts seem to be scheduled on weekends, it’s not quite that simple. … [Read more...]

Berlin: Looking for Christmas Market Magic

Four days in Berlin have come and gone. I’ve now arrived in Dresden but since I have no access to wi fi all my posts will be late. Because a large part of the reason I went to Berlin was to spend time with my daughter and because I’d been so diligent about visiting all those German Christmas markets last year, I felt I could take it a bit easier this season. My idea was to concentrate on a … [Read more...]

The 2011 German Christmas Markets are underway & so am I

Yes, Advent officially began about a week and a half ago. For someone who blogs about German Christmas markets, I guess I've been kind of slow out of the gate this year, although I suppose finishing my book--150 German Christmas Markets--counts for something. 2012 UPDATE; There is now a new edition of the book: The Ultimate Guide to the German Christmas Markets. In any event, in about 45 … [Read more...]

What to buy at a German Christmas market

My e-guide The Ultimate Guide to the German Christmas Markets is subtitled Where to Go and What to Buy. Here are a few thoughts from the What to Buy part. Nothing beats the fun of shopping at Christmas markets, even if there’s no way you can ever take home everything that catches your fancy. Daytime is great for browsing and buying; evenings after the lights come on are, if anything, even … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide to the German Christmas Markets: Where to Go and What to Buy

Here is the latest version of my e-book, which is now called The Ultimate Guide to the German Christmas Markets: Where to Go and What to Buy.  The original edition was entitled 150 German Christmas Markets: Where to Go and What to Buy  and it's still eminently usable--only the dates have changed for the most parts and some of websites may have different URLs. As best I can … [Read more...]

How to Choose a German Christmas Market

How to choose a German Christmas market? This question has been on my mind pretty much daily as I get deeper and deeper into researching my upcoming e-guide on the subject. I started with a long, ambitious list of cities, but I am slowly winnowing it down. I'm just not convinced that a lot of places are really stand-alone destinations for foreign travelers. Since basically … [Read more...]

Shopping the German Christmas Markets: Porcelain and Ceramics

I’d like to say straight out that, whereas I have a certain degree of appreciation for German porcelain, I don’t actually own any. I’ve never shopped for it at a Christmas market and haven’t paid all that much attention to what precisely is sold where. Clearly, I’m not an expert, but, as I stated above, I do appreciate German porcelain and for a very specific reason—actually, three specific … [Read more...]