The Ultimate Guide to the German Christmas Markets: Where to Go and What to Buy

Here is the latest version of my e-book, which is now called The Ultimate Guide to the German Christmas Markets: Where to Go and What to Buy.  The original edition was entitled 150 German Christmas Markets: Where to Go and What to Buy  and it’s still eminently usable–only the dates have changed for the most parts and some of websites may have different URLs. As best I can determine, it’s still the only book out there on the subject.

Overview section:

Where to Go: Germany has 16 Federal States or Bundesländer. The cities in this guide were chosen for their beauty, historic interest, size and/or importance. They are, however, by no means the only places to find Christmas markets in Germany.

Each entry includes a short description of the city, its Christmas highlights, 2011 Christmas market(s) dates, and links to the destination’s home page plus any Christmas Market-specific pages.

What to Buy—Inside the German Christmas Markets: This section tells what to expect and look for in the markets and describes the most common and traditional Christmas goods, food and drink.

Key Dates: There are a few dates to bear in mind when planning. Additionally, it’s worth checking out a destination’s online Christmas page or website to see if there are any special events and/or programs that coincide with your visit. It’s easiest to do this before departure since Wi Fi connections may or may not be readily available in Germany, or, wait and pay a visit to the city’s tourist information office once you’re on the spot.

Getting To and Around Germany: Although this guide primarily covers Christmas markets, supplemental information on traveling to and around Germany is provided in the back pages of the book. Topics include air travel, rail travel, Christmas market cruises and land tours.

I hope everyone who reads this will have a chance to visit some of these wonderful German Christmas markets sooner or later. Preferably sooner!

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  1. I’m so excited about your book because it is coming out just in time for our Christmas Cruise! Just ordered the new Kindlefire which should arrive in a few days. As soon as it does, I’ll be downloading it from Amazon. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge about Christmas Markets in Germany!

  2. Joy, I truly look forward to reading your book and letting my clients know about it. I’ve personally visited over 500 markets but always am learning something new and have found so many interesting markets on your website. I think this book will be the perfect companion to anyone planning on seeing the magic of Germany during Advent season. Christina, VIP Alpine Tours

  3. Is there an updated version available for 2012? If so, I’d be interested. Also, is there a hard copy version available this year?


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